Individual Consulting

Successful achievement of your aims in challenging situations.

Process supervision for individuals and teams

We offer an individual consulting and supervision to tackle challenging situations for individuals and teams.

In a jointly defined framework, we support managers, project leaders and experts to identify and take over individual development goals.

Team-Coaching settles the responsibilities and offers opportunities for the solutions of conflicts.

Our approach

During a preliminary talk, we define the goal for the coaching process. In addition, we arrange a chronological frame with regard to contents as well as for the implementation. While coaching, we make use of different systematic methods for the reflection to find solutions for the problems.

Young as well as skilled and experienced managers make use of coaching to reflect their own leading behavior in a professional framework.

  • What does a motivating leading behavior have to be like, in my opinion? Where/when does it work?
  • Where is my own personal limit?
  • What kind of dogma guides me in my leading position?
  • How successful is my management style?

In the framework of a team workshop for an existing or a newly founded team, topics, which are not discussed normally in the workaday life, can get realigned. Transparency establishes a strong collaboration and supports the ability of self-organization in the team.

  • How do we want to work together?
  • Who has which responsibilities?
  • How do we adapt our tasks to the changed conditions?

Conflicts in the workaday life cannot be avoided. The question during the coaching process can be concerned with how we can handle this fact: Do we avoid conflicts? Do we shatter porcelain or are we successful in solving conflicts constructively?

The consulting takes the current situation of the customers  – either as an individual or as a team – and arranges a solution-oriented view for the future.

The desire of the customer for boosting the self-reflection can prompt coaching. In the framework of the process, he/she questions his/her motivation and what prevents him/her from using of his/her existing potential.

In the process of coaching, manager and experts use the opportunity to reflect and to improve their exposure to strains in the workaday life. Thus we bolster physical and subjective well-being up and keep the efficiency.

  • How can I handle my needs in irksome working phases?
  • Where do I exceed my own limits (regulary)?
  • Which effects does my behavior have on my surrounding?

In our trainings, you learn about how verbal and non-verbal communication works. In the consulting, we help you to optimize their communication behavior in a job-related context:

  • How clear am I with my communication in my area?
  • How can I make my requirements transparent for all?
  • Which cut surfaces do we have and how well does the communication work?

One opportunity is “Shadowing“, this means illuminating the subject through the supervision in the workaday life or in a workshop. In a job-related context, openness is next to the basic rules very important to check the daily practical exercise and to orientate oneself towards a new direction.

  • How do I adequately handle  the results of an employee survey?
  • What can I change for myself?
  • What kinds of expectations are probably raised and how can I handle these?

We advise you gladly in a personal talk and submit you a concrete offer.

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