Training offers for Suppliers

IT-Training (Ford) – Overview

Training offers for Suppliers

Course plan

Having chosen a date in our course plan for a selected course topic, please register for the course using the Registration Form (Ford-Werke GmbH). All courses are offered in German and English language.

Please find all current dates for courses and trainings in our training calendar. Dates for the next year can be found here.

Registration Process

Please fill in the form with all details such as company address, participant data, course code, preferred training date, signature and company stamp.

Do not forget to enter your VAT ID and tax ID respectively.

Please send the completed form as scanned pdf-file to the e-Mail-address shown on the top right corner of the form. An invitation with venue description will be emailed to you as soon as we receive your registration.

Please review and validate the technical requirements indicated for some of the courses. Without the appropriate access levels and valid user IDs these courses cannot be attended.

Any course topic can also be delivered as a private class on your site. Many course topics can also be offered as online seminars using WebEx. Please let us know if you are interested.


For all questions concerning class schedules and registration for our training courses please contact:

Stephan Schiefer

Henry-Ford-Str. 1
50725 Köln
Phone+49 (0)221  90-14292

If you have questions concerning course contents, or if you wish to discuss the possibility of customized training, please contact:

Anja Garcia Gallen

AdresseHenry-Ford-Str. 1
50725 Köln
Telefon+49 (0)221 90-19254

Systems, Access and Training Options

If you are shipping parts into a Ford, Getrag-Ford-Transmission (GFT) GmbH, Ford Sollers, or Ford Otosan location there are different systems used for material management and for supplier performance rating.

In addition, Ford expects their suppliers to actively use further systems supporting Product Development, Purchasing, and Quality activities.

The following tables give an overview of which systems are involved, how you can access them, which training classes are available through the European Ford training organisation (Ford Learning & Development at Cologne, Germany and Dunton, UK), and where to find online training materials.

For registration and access you need to use the Ford Supplier Portal at

Online training for many applications is available in the Ford Supplier Learning Institute (FSLI) at

Material Planning and Logistic (MP&L) Systems 


Organisation / Region System Access via the Ford Supplier Portal Course code Online Training (@FSLI)
Production plants at Ford, GFT, Ford Sollers, and Ford Otosan  CMMS3 eDDL  eDDL (Electronic Direct Data Link)  IT-08-MNLG-0101 CMMS3 (eDDL/DDL) for Ford Production Suppliers (00123445)
All Super-G Supplier Improvement Metrics [NewSIM] – SUPERG Update / Read IT-08-MNLG-0204 SUPER-G for Ford Production and Service Suppliers (00123382)
CMMS3 eDLL / Super-G (combined) IT-08-MNLG-0501
Production plants GPP Global Packaging Portal
Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) Europe SAP SNC (EU) FCSD-E Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC) IT-08-MNLG-0401 FCSD SNC Supplier Training  (00125739,Version:001)
Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) North America SAP SNC (NA) FCSD-NA Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC)

CMMS3 eDDL (electronic Direct Data Link)

eDDL is a real-time web-based version of CMMS3 DDL (Direct Data Link), the mainframe inventory analysis and communication tool used by Ford Motor Company and its suppliers. All production plants globally are using CMMS3. Detail information can be found at MP&L in a Box > DDL.

Supplier Performance Ratings – Global (SUPER-G)

Super-G provides access to key delivery performance metrics used for continuous improvement dialogue between Ford and the supply base. Super-G is used to calculate and report delivery metrics as the one global system to be used to rate supplier delivery performance for both Production and Service shipping to all regions. Detail information can be found at MP&L in a Box > Super-G.

Global Packaging Portal (GPP)

The Global Packaging Portal ( is the central repository for GPP Form 1271 packaging proposal submission.

SNC – Supply Network Collaboration

SNC is a web-based system used by Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) to communicate with their suppliers. It provides information about releases, shipments, ASNs, and shows detailed stock information for all service depots. It must be used by suppliers to provide confirmations (promises) in case of shortage situations.

Please note: FCSD Europe and North America run 2 separate installations of SNC.

Product Development Systems 


Organisation / Region System Access via the Ford Supplier Portal Course code Online Training (@FSLI)
All, except Powertrain North America GPIRS DDL GPIRS DDL  IT-08-ENGR-0201
All WERS 3270 Access IT-01-ENGR-01## (see course plan) WERS Basics (00127280)
WERS Alerts (00127122)
WERS Concerns (00127123)
 Production plants VPP 3270 Access  Vehicle Parts Progress (VPP) Supplier Training (00117784)


GPIRS DDL allows suppliers to view Red Border Inquiry, Prototype release information, dispositioned Red Borders, GPIRS DDL manual and tutorial, and Release follow up information for prototype parts.


WERS is Ford’s Worldwide Engineering Release System. It is the master system for all part information. Suppliers will need access to support the Global Change Management process (via WERS Concerns) and to request/monitor deviations (via WERS Alerts).


Vehicle Parts Progress (VPP) is a sub-system of CMMS3 that gathers and displays parts progress, supplier, and PPAP/PSW timing information. VPP provides on-line/real time updates and views of a part’s approval status.

Quality Systems 


Organisation / Region System Access via the Ford Supplier Portal Course code Online Training (@FSLI)
All AWS Analytical Warranty System (AWS) Fundamentals of Warranty for Suppliers (00117456)
All SIM Supplier Improvement Metrics [New SIM] (Read / update) Supplier Improvement Metrics (SIM) Application Training For Suppliers (00128510)


The Analytical Warranty System (AWS) provides a database of warranty and vehicle information that supports common global warranty reporting, analysis, and feedback processes.

Supplier Improvement Metrics (SIM)

The Supplier Improvement Metrics application provides summary and detail information on Site Quality performance into Production and Service facilities, including Q1 score, PPM and QR Details, Delivery Ratings, Field Action, Stop Shipment, Warranty and BSAQ project activity. Information is provided at individual site level or grouped summary levels.

Ford Purchasing Systems and Miscellaneous 


Organisation / Region System Access via the Ford Supplier Portal Course code Online Training (@FSLI)
All GSDB GSDB Online (Email / Update / View Only)  GSDB Online Training for Suppliers  (00117457)
All WebQuote WebQuote –

  • RQF’s and Quotes
  • Purchase Order Documents
  • Tool Tracking


Supplier Self Help Portal
 All e-Payables e-Sourcing
Vehicle Assembly plants Global Capacity Planning Capacity Planning (GCP) Supplier Self Help Portal Training & Reference Info in GCP
Powertrain plants Manufacturing Capacity Planning Volume MCPV on-line through the MCPV Help menu

GSDB Online (View Only, Update, or Email Token)

The Global Supplier Database is a mandatory system to enter and update the supplier’s company data (address details, site roles, contacts, certification details, bank accounts, etc)
Note: Update is only viable if different persons use the Update and Email Tokens.

WebQuote (RfQs and Quotes, Purchasing Documents, Tool Tracking, Sourcing)

The WebQuote systems allows suppliers to receive requests for quotation (RfQs) and enter quotes online, to receive purchasing documents (e.g. purchase and tool orders), to upload tool tagging information, and to support the Early Sourcing process.


e-Payables remittance advice and an e-Payable Query System providing payment status on outstanding and pending invoices, information regarding adjustment invoices, forecasting of future payments, packing slips, purchase orders, and capability to search for specific payment information and details.


Global Capacity Planning provides you with information for part level capacity planning volume for the GSDB sites codes you have been assigned access.  Capacity confirmation & what-if studies are performed and part capacity planning volume data can be obtained by both individual & multiple part number queries.  Users can request customer support as required.

GCP is used by vehicle operation plants. MCPV is used by powertrain plants.

Supplier Self Help Portal

The Supplier Self Help Portal offers access to documentation and training materials for a variety of Ford systems as well as to terms & conditions and business guides. The current focus is on Purchasing systems (Webquote, GSDB, etc), but you also will find references to MP&L, Engineering and Quality systems.

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