An overview of our qualifications

Our Team

An overview of our qualifications

Our consulting and training team consists of experienced and skilled colleagues with varied academic backgrounds and further trainings in systematic consulting, organizational development, coaching, group dynamic and supervision.

Here you can get an overview of our recent team. As required we can provide you a more detailed profile.

Cordula Bendel

Pedagogue (Sek. I)

Further Education

  • Systematic Consulting
  • Group Dynamic
  • HR and Organizational Development

Heike Frank

Dipl. – Business Psychologist

Further Education

  • Supervision
  • Systematic Consulting

Stefanie Harnischmacher

Officially recognized speech therapist

Social Worker and Social Pedagogue (B. A.)

Further Education

  • Systematic Consulting (SG)
  • Systematic Coaching
  • Psychosocial Consulting

Alpin Harrenkamp

Dipl. – Pedagogue

Further Education

  • Mediation
  • Psychoanalytic-systematic Consulting

Magdalene Kellner

Dipl. – Pedagogue

Further Education

  • Accreditation Team-Management-System
  • Systematic Coaching
  • Systematic Organization Development

Rocío Luna


Further Education

  • Mediation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Systematic Consulting of international teams

Maribell Meyer

Working and Organization Psychologist

Master of Science

Jürgen Renkes

Dipl. – business economist

Further Education

  • Accreditation Relaxation Training
  • Stress Reduction Coach

Sarah Schumacher

Dipl. – Psychologist

Further Education

  • Systematic Consulting
  • IQPR Certified Profile

Process consultants ensure sustainability

At a workshop for the whole leading team, we took on much to improve our communication and cooperation – without the competent organizational consultants, we wouldn’t have got that far. In the end, the process consultants ensured the achievement of our goals.

Klaus Pobanz
Supervisor Manufacturing Spare Parts, Ford-Werke GmbH

Local efficient support

The process consultant supports me as well as the whole organization through professional consultation and supervision in an extensive phase of restructuring.

Oliver Färber
Plant Manager Cologne Engine Plant, Ford-Werke GmbH


The process consultant was very helpful for our organization and for me personally. Especially communicative processes have been strengthened, our management team was supported in a common reorientation and I received interesting inspirations for my work as well as leadership competencies. The suggestion to consider different perspectives helped me to be able to review challenges and to solidify or adapt my decisions. Particularly with regard to strategic questions I will contact the process consultants again.

Roland Wendschoff
former General Manager, Depot Operations, FCSD

Improvement of the presence by motivation and vision

The motivation and the competence of the process consultant is impressive and decisive for the acceptance and the success. The coordination of the working groups and the supervision of the panels is very professional.

Wilfried Okfen
HR Manager Cologne


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