Our Mission

WE provide professional, market-driven and cost-optimised vocational and continued training schemes which meet the demands and expectations of our customers. This is our contribution to support the company objectives of the Ford Motor Company and associated companies.

WE have an influence on the work of our association and we are therefore responsible for the quality of its results. We want to create a learning environment which encourages participants to get involved and which allows them to enjoy their own vocational and continued training. Everyone’s a winner – the course participants, our customers, as well as ourselves.

WE undertake to engage ourselves in the development of well-trained, motivated employees in our customers’ organizations and our own. We support and promote vocational orientation, initial vocational training, re-training and continued professional development as set out in our Articles of association and while remaining fully aware of our social responsibility for the future generations of our employees.

We will be able to achieve these aims if we:

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