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In 1970 the production in Saarlouis started. At that time the region was characterized by the mining and steel industry. Nowadays the automobile industry presents one of the most important economic sectors in the Saarland.

The Ford-Werke GmbH in Saarlouis is an initiator and an engine of growth for the Saarland. More than 14 million Ford models have been produced in Saarlouis so far. As a consequence it is known as one of the most productive and efficient factories in Europe.

In addition, it is also the largest employer in the Saarland. Approximately 5.800 employees work at Ford with an additional 1.500 at its’ suppliers.

Saarlouis is known for its high flexibility as each production line produces up to 5 different models and more than 28 versions. Around 80% of the produced units are exported to 80 countries. This presents one third of the whole export volume of the federal state. Ford in Saarlouis accounts for more than the states average.

Our offers

Our recognized excellent vocational training offers a good start into working life.

The training is characterized by a high practical orientation and proximity to the business. Nevertheless professional knowledge is not everything: We supplement the training by additional offers such as occupational safety, road safety trainings and teamwork.


Ford-Werke GmbH
Gisela Hawner

Phone +49 (0)6831 92-3700
Email slsausb1@ford.com


With do2 you combine two career paths:

Apprenticeship & Bachelor study!

We offer one technical program.

In the technical program you study Mechanical Engineering and complete an apprenticeship as Industry Mechanics.


Ford-Werke GmbH
Gisela Hawner

Phone +49 (0)6831 92-3700
Email slsausb1@ford.com


You are a highschool student and you don’t know what you would like to do after school?

Then we can give you an insight into working life.

We offer you internships in the  production areas, vocational training or in the product development.


Ford Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V.

Diana Grün

Address D-L/AB-S
Geestemünder Str. 36-38
50735 Köln
Phone +49 (0)221 92-2080


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