Welcome to Cologne!

Cologne is the headquarter of the Ford-Werke GmbH since 1930. In 1998 Cologne also became the headquarter of Ford-of-Europe which is in charge of 50 markets.

The Ford Fiesta is a real Cologne car. From 1979 until today over 9 million Ford Fiestas have been built. The factory in Cologne-Niehl is considered as a European top factory with an efficient production. Almost 3.150 of a total of 17.000 Ford-employees in Cologne are working there. Every 83 seconds approximately two vehicles are produced while the trend is increasing. Next to the Fiesta production you can also find the engine, gearbox as well as the forge and the cast parts production in Cologne-Niehl.

In Cologne-Merkenich you can find three modern office buildings on a total area of around 500.000m² , a design center, two test tracks, three climate wind tunnels, one aeroacoustic wind tunnel, the “Cave” (Computer Aided Virtual Engineering) as well as a crash laboratory, an acoustic centre, an exhaust emission laboratory and a variety of test benches. Since 1962 the European Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) is also located in Merkenich. Spare parts are stored on an area of 175.000m² and are sent to 22 european markets, to 98 markets out of Europe and as well to 8 subordinated warehouses.

Vocational education with tradition

The first apprentices have been trained at the Ford-Werke in 1934 – until now more than 14.000 young women and men have successfully completed their training.

Since 1993 the Ford Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V. is responsible for the qualification apprentices for the Ford-Werke in Cologne and Saarlouis, as well as for our joint ventures with Magna GETRAG FORD Transmissions GmbH and Ford Versicherungs- und Vermittlungsgesellschaft with their factories in Cologne.

At our apprenticeshop in Cologne we are providing 130 apprenticeships in 7 different training programs. In Saarlouis another 35 apprentices are starting every year.

You are looking for an apprenticeship, integrated degree program or an internship? Or are you looking for a composite education? In this case you are exactly right here! Inform yourself about our offers and opportunities in the following.

Our recognized excellent vocational training offers a good start into working life. So far over 14.000 young women and men have completed their training – the first apprentice in 1934!

The training is characterized by a high practical orientation and proximity to the business. Nevertheless professional knowledge is not everything: We supplement the training by additional offers such as occupational safety, road safety trainings and teamwork.

Our offer:

  • technical apprenticeships
  • industrial apprenticeships


Ford Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V.

Address D-L/AB
Geestemünder Str. 36–38
50735 Köln
Phone +49 (0)221 90-18277
 Email einblick@ford.com

With do2 you combine two career paths:

Apprenticeship & Bachelor study!

We offer two technical, one commercial and one IT program.

In the technical program you either study Electrical Engineering and complete the apprenticeship as Electronics Technician. Or you study Sustainable Engineering and complete an apprenticeship as Industry Mechanics.

In the commercial program you study Business Administration and pass through the apprenticeship as Industrial Clerk.

Finally in the IT programm you complete an apprenticeship as IT Specialist (Systems Integration) in combination with studying business informatics.


Ford Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V.

Address D-L/AB
Geestemünder Str. 36–38
50735 Köln
Phone +49 (0)221 90-18277
 Email einblick@ford.com


The Ford-Werke have set themselves the objective to increase the percentage of women in the Product Development and in Manufacturing.

This does not present an easy aim as few girls are interested in a technical education or an engineering study. To increase the interest of young women for technical professions, the Ford-Werke have founded the project “Females in technical professions” (FiT) in 1999.


Ford Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V.

Females in technical professions

Adresse D-L/AB
Geestemünder Str. 36-38
50735 Köln
Telefon +49 (0)221 90-18277
Email fitteam@ford.com

You are a highschool student and you don’t know what you would like to do after school?

Then we can give you an insight into working life.

We offer you internships in the production areas, vocational training or in the product development.


Ford Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V.

Internships for pupils

Address D-L/AB-S
Geestemünder Str. 36-38
50735 Köln
Phone +49 (0)221 90-13898

At our locations in Cologne and in Saarlouis we offer different components of the vocational training for your apprentices. Next to the implementation of classes we also realize test preparation trainings.

Are you interested? Then contact us.



Detlef Gilles

Address Geestemünderstr. 36-38
50735 Köln
Phone +49 (0)221 90-14094
Email dgilles@ford.com



Marcello Runco

Phone +49 (0)6831 92-2233
Email mrunco@ford.com


Rolf Schmitz

Phone +49 (0)6831 92-2425
Email rschmi36@ford.com

Introductory qualification (EQ)

Stepping stone towards an apprenticeship

The qualification is sponsored by the employment agency (Agentur für Arbeit) in order to help adolescents to get an apprenticeship.

You are working at the Ford-Werke GmbH or affiliated enterprises (GFT) and you will get to know the metallworking and logistical industry.  On the other hand you could also experience our hospitality sector.

You are working on the job three days a week. The other two days you are participating in vocational trainings.

In this way you can prove your abilities as well as you can find out about a possible career path for yourself.

The introductory training starts in October and lasts 11 months.


Ford Aus- und Weiterbildung e.V.

Address NF/EB-53
Henry-Ford-Straße 1
50725 Köln
Phone +49 (0)221 90-11138
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